The WCCE started in Mexico in 2007, then moved to Ireland in 2009, followed by Australia in 2011, Africa in 2013,
Romania in 2016,
South Africa in 2020, and next up is Ireland in 2022.

The WCCE is a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, research and a forum for interaction between National and International Credit and Risk Management Professionals together with Colleagues involved in all areas of Collections and ARM. In collaboration with all the associations and entities involved in this great project we are looking forward to welcoming you as a relevant member of the Credit & Collection World Industry at the 6th WCCE in 2020.

Time left to the start of the WCCE - have you booked?


The next WCCE will be in Dublin Ireland - see you there in 2022

The World Credit Congress and Exhibition offers a wonderful opportunity to bring Credit and Collection professionals from around the globe together. Bear in mind this event only takes place every second year on a different continent. Delegates from several countries will attend this prestigious event, with a wide range of top speakers coming from all over the world. Numerous International Associations and prestigious companies are endorsing the WCCE.

The 6th WCCE will continue the practice of facilitating interaction among professionals from around the world. As world economic conditions have continued to change, the forum will continue to provide current, meaningful information and enable discussion, interaction and a high level of practical understanding that would otherwise be impractical or indeed impossible. On a continuing basis, the WCCE has delivered the opportunity to understand the direction of economies and the business opportunities and challenges faced by participating enterprises, identifying both risks and the returns, and delivering solutions.
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