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Webio orchestrates all the conversation elements that are needed to have effective, efficient and successful customer conversations. Engaging positively with customers across the debt cycle in smarter ways. Ensuring increased engagement rates that positively impact cashflow.
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We help customers release cash from debtors faster with intelligent automation and achieve operational excellence. Conquer the challenges of today by making smarter, more accurate finance decisions and create the time to focus on delivering value to your organization. BlackLine customers trust us to partner with them to achieve operational excellence, blending technology with expert experience to create a proven blueprint for success. Raise the bar with BlackLine’s AR Unified Platform.
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Aryza is a pioneering technology company, we work with our customers and partners to create and deliver solutions that improve the financial health and lives of the millions of people that engage with our products every day. Our mission is to transform the financial relationship businesses have with their customers.
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We are an Irish business law firm with 105 partners and total staff in excess of 550. We understand the challenges domestic and international organisations face in business. We assist our clients in meeting their ongoing legal and commercial imperatives through every business life cycle.
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Payt is the largest credit management company in the Netherlands and is rapidly expanding in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Spain. Our goal is to make the credit management of your organisation more personal, efficient and effective. We do this by automating your credit management process, without losing sight of the importance of personal contact between customer and debtor.
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We help to give our customers the power to assess, predict and to plan so you may achieve your goals and navigate your world with confidence. Our expertise in data, analytics and technologies, means we give answers, we create coherence and clarity from complexity.
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We’re revolutionizing collections from the inside. In an increasingly complex industry, we’re here to make sure this complexity never falls on you. We’re the leading cloud-native, end-to-end platform for collections and recovery in the world.
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Esker is a global cloud platform built to unlock strategic value for finance and customer service professionals, and strengthen collaboration between companies by automating the cash conversion cycle. Esker’s mission is to build a foundation that promotes positive-sum growth: increased productivity, improved employee engagement, and greater trust between organisations. By developing AI-driven technologies and automating the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles, Esker frees up finance and customer service professionals from time-consuming tasks, helps them be more efficient, and enables them to develop new skills.
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FIS is a fully integrated credit and collections management solution that gives you visibility and control across the credit-to-cash cycle. It drives automation and workflow across the credit-to-cash process and embeds artificial intelligence (AI) into every element – from collections management to automating cash application – giving you a foundation for continuous improvement in working capital and cash flow.
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AICDP was formed in 2014 in response to the fact that our Profession was becoming more internationalised and that the professional institutions and groups that already existed in support of our senior professionals had not evolved sufficiently in relation to this change as their focus was national.
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EuroCollectNet (“ECN”) is an association of European law firms offering a comprehensive cost-effective service for the collection of debt throughout Europe and worldwide through the Friends of EuroCollectNet. Accessible either directly or via your local ECN-Lawyer.
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Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. Among Quadient’s Intelligent Communication Automation solutions, YayPay by Quadient’s core purpose is to revolutionize the future of work for finance teams. Our smart and modern Accounts Receivable solution changes the game by vastly improving the order-to-cash experience for finance teams and their customers. YayPay is at the forefront of back-office automation and machine learning.
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Our purpose is to deliver the kinds of services, best practice and insights which our people feel is often sorely lacking from traditional collections agencies, and in turn, that makes them wholly unsuitable for the kinds of high-value and highly-sensitive receivables our clients work with us to deliver.

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Our purpose is to build super intelligent cash management software solutions which maximize the automation of high volume financial transactions. Since 1992, we’ve been applying a special blend of finance and technology expertise to maximize the automation of high volume financial transactions for large organisations around the globe.
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For more than 20 years we pave the way for modern debt management operations by bringing openness, transparency, and fairness, especially to vulnerable customers. From performing to early arrears, and non-performing to legal stages, we help businesses to mitigate credit risk and radically reduce losses.
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Premium Collections is the UK’s first choice commercial debt collection and debt recovery agency. We work hard to recover outstanding debt and unpaid invoices fast and cost-effectively
and have built a strong reputation for professionalism in the corporate debt recovery marketplace.
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Doing business is never risk free. But with the power of Company Watch analytics you can predict the potential for risk with up to 89% accuracy. Managing risk takes more than a backward look at past performance: it needs a glimpse into the future too. We call it #HindsightInAdvance.
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Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of commercial and credit information for over 46 years and offers high-quality flexible solutions, ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Debt Recovery & Call Centre Services, Training, Corporate Governance and Consulting.
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Start getting overdue debts paid in days, rather than months. A cloud-based solution makes it simple for finance professionals to control their credit. Upload your overdue debts and allow Debt Register to do the rest. Debt Register is a global payment accelerator, delivering actionable consequence, every time, and gets you paid directly.
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At Co-pilot we have spent 17 years advising companies about automating O2C processes. It has been a significant investment, but the outcome is that we know what works and what does not work. This is important because companies sometimes waste large amounts of time and money trying to develop O2C functionality within their ERP systems. Sometimes they go out and look for off-the-shelf software and select the wrong solutions. Once they have chosen the wrong solution they are “invested” and it is difficult to undo what has been done.
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4D Contact can provide your business with a comprehensive suite of credit and collections services. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end outsourced solution or simply support within an individual area – we can provide you with a high-touch solution that will deliver results.
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Credit Risk Brokers (CRB) is one of Ireland’s leading specialists in Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds. We are also a founding member of Farosol, a global alliance of leading brokers. From Dublin and Belfast, CRB serves companies across the island of Ireland, finding and winning the most favourable credit insurance terms for your business from some of the world’s leading insurers. We work with sole traders through to large multinationals across diverse sectors, helping our clients to trade with confidence domestically and internationally.

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Capita is a consulting, transformation and digital services business We are driven by our purpose: to create better outcomes – for our employees, clients and customers, suppliers and partners, investors, and society. We are committed to being a responsible business – in how we operate, serve society, respect our people and the environment, and deliver attractive returns to our investors.
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The leading, open Platform for enterprise Risk, Credit, Fraud and Compliance Management. From Top Line to balance sheet, you have full control of your business KPIs. Secure business growth, increase liquidity, always in line with your risk policy and strategy. SHS Viveon is the modular platform for digital compliance and risk management It enables companies to assess the risks and opportunities of their entire customer and supplier relationships on a central platform. That doesn’t just sound easy – with SHS Viveon it really is: from selecting the right modules to integrating the systems and data you already use.
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The Group contributes to the proper functioning and sustainable businesses of all sizes, development, and dissemination of trust between economic actors in the countries where these companies and their customers are located. Coface is present directly or via strategic partnerships in 100 countries, with the ability to provide cover for its clients in approximately 200 countries. Coface relies on its own international network, the Coface Partner Network of international partners and other partners brought in as needed. Coface can provide its credit insurance solution in all of these countries. It enables businesses to cover their subsidiaries too, via a single contract.
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With our cloud technology and machine learning, we are leading the evolution of credit management by enabling business to digitally transform their credit and finance team.
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INNOVATION is not the whole story but it is the BIG STORY
Our focus is to provide innovative customised services, training and support to address credit management, risk and regulatory compliance issues businesses are faced with. We are consultants to business, experts in our own fields and entrepreneurs with many years of practical experience. We specialise in designing and implementing, not only well proven management, profitability and organisational structures, but also new models and the training of the total staff compliment.

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We are data scientists who go beyond geography to make the connections no one else sees. That’s how we find science-based answers that will help transform societies, people’s lives and business.

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The Credit Management Institute of Ireland is a professional organisation formed to unite and inform people who work in the Credit Industry. CMII represents those who work towards the common goal of promoting and improving the industry they are associated with. This institute champions our members by providing resources, information, and opportunities they might not have otherwise.

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Shortlisted as Debt Collection Agency of the Year, by the CICM, for the British Credit Awards, Global Credit Recoveries Ltd are specialists in Arbitration and Debt Collection across London, the UK, Europe, The Middle East and the U.S.A. We have the ability, and network, to trace your debtors and have someone visit their offices anywhere across EMEA, within 72 hours. We are experts in Recovering credit globally, on a no-recovery, no-fee basis, so you only pay for the work we complete.

The future of credit is today and you can be a part of it

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