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CPB is a proudly owned South African company that promotes behavioral insight through data intelligence. Transforming the world of data through complaint application of artificial intelligence, which supplies an improved return on investment that enhances operational efficacy. CPB is a privately owned company registered as a Credit Bureau under the National Credit Act with registration number NCRCB2. CPB is also a Level III BEE contributor. In operation as a Credit Bureau for more than 36 years. The Solutions is scalable and can be extended to include any country and datasets internationally.


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Compuscan, a subsidiary of Experian, is a leading South African credit bureau and an emerging markets information services company with a far-reaching presence in Africa. The company has successfully built upon its entrepreneurial roots since 1994 to become a leading provider of powerful data and intelligent insights. Compuscan’s services enable the success and prosperity of its customers by supporting informed decisions and mitigating risk.


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If you want to harness the full power of data to solve your business challenges, then this is your service provider. With AfriGIS Location Insights you get accurate location data that enables you to extract meaningful insights of trends, consumer behaviour, movement and events taking place in the world.


Stacks Image 183 is the first Global Digital Witness for businesses. Our patented services will allow you to digitalize any Business Process with certainty of any transactions and communications participants, timing and contents, for any communication channels. We serve, from our 19 locations all over the World, Banks, Insurers, FinTechs and InsurTechs, Legal Service Providers, Payment Services Providers, Telcos, Governments, Real Estate Companies, Employment Agencies, Postal Services, Couriers, Utilities, Retailers and many other organizations in their needs for Digitalization of Registered Notifications and Communications, Online Contracts and Agreements, Identity Verification Processes, and Personal Data Privacy Compliance, like GDPR and POPIA. We currently hold 120+ Patents globally (including South Africa), Telecom Operator Licenses in several countries, and are a recognized Global Trusted Third Party, being accredited as a EU eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider in the category of Registered Electronic Delivery Services.


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We work wonders with our data science services to serve over 150 companies in 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe. Our focus is on turning data into the wisdom that sparks ideas, inspires, and drives innovation and business improvement for our customers. We want to deliver data insights, data-driven strategies and the technologies that improve how businesses operate, how they develop new products and how they acquire, retain and grow their most profitable customers. Our data analytics help our customers answer questions about the past and present and anticipate future outcomes. The data insights we derive provide the information and knowledge from which to develop more effective strategies, increase efficiency and profitability and decrease cost and risk.

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We help you manage every aspect of your business through the use of our tailored ARMNetz Case Management and CRM Software Solutions. Our Software Solutions come with powerful BI and Analytics tools that allow for real-time management and monitoring of your business. How you manage, analyse and optimise your business data, strategies and performance in today's on-demand economy are more important than ever before. Your customers want to engage with your brand in meaningful ways and experience your service offering with delight. That's why Customer Experience Management is at the heart of everything we do.

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One of only six NCR approved Payment Profile Hosting Bureaus in South Africa, we pride ourselves on our agility and ability to adapt and custom build solutions that actually add value to our clients’ businesses. We also place a high premium on the quality of data provided as well as automation, to ensure our solutions are the most efficient and cost effective in the market. By combining best of breed technologies and a team of dedicated professionals, we are able to present our clients with astute solutions, outstanding service and continuous support.

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We provide more than legal information: we provide answers. We take the expertise of our team and distil it in a way that helps debt collectors get their work done. Debt Collection Management Software - Procedures - Strategies - Call Centre Solutions - Mass Communications - Productivity Management - Strategic Consulting - Skills Development Facilitation - Data Management - Dialler and Systems Integration.

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The New Integrated Credit Solutions management team carries a combined 60 years of expertise in the revenue management and debt recovery field. With over a 150 experienced consultants, NICS can sure help any business manage their revenue and recover their debt. We boast a 300-seater Call Centre in Pretoria, supported by numerous satellite offices across the country.

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PayM8 is a Merchant Facing payments gateway operating in Sub-Saharan Africa focused on Financial Collections, Online & Mobile Payments. With its authentic and unsurpassed customer focus PAYM8 offers Enterprise Payment Solutions in a PCI DSS secure environment. At PAYM8 we manage your Cash Flow whilst ensuring Peace Of Mind.

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Azuka enables companies to stay relevant in the cloud and navigate their shift during the fourth Industrial revolution. Through our cloud-base solutions we ensure we bridge the gap between the customer and the services they demand. We empowers companies to take control of their communications through the introduction of Chabot’s and i-templates. Through Smartz Communication we ensure companies understand the entire management of their company - both internally and externally. We achieve a holistic solution through; Smartz Communication, Bots, Care-Bear, Campaigns, Admin, Supervisor, Contact Suite, Human Asset Management, Analytics, Sisense

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