Be prepared for all seasons in one day!
This is completely true, so dress in layers and embrace the unpredictability! … We never let a bit of rain slow us down, and if you pack a raincoat you'll get to enjoy the gorgeous rainbows that appear on the horizon.

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Dublin is an extremely popular tourist destination, with a great wealth of historic monuments, wonderful cathedrals and castles, classic Georgian buildings, plus theatres, cafés, restaurants and shopping areas worthy of a European capital, whilst not forgetting tributes to its literary achievements. Its small size makes it easy to walk about the city centre, and the large number of parks and gardens (including Phoenix Park, the largest city park in Europe) and its world famous pubs adding to the relaxed atmosphere of life in Dublin.

Dublin is extremely accessible by air: over 90 airlines service Dublin Airport, with over 150 direct connections from around Europe, USA and the Emirates. There are up to 32 direct gateways from the UK to Dublin.
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Dublin is the capital city of Ireland; a city full of character and is recognised internationally as a popular and interesting destination to visit. While few locations offer charm on a par with Ireland, few cities are as renowned as Dublin for is strong tradition of entertainment and hospitality. And while modern-day Dublin continues to embody these characteristics, it has become a leading financial centre and home to top multinational corporations, confirming its place as a premier city within the European Union.
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Population 1.5 million - Direct local bus or taxi service between airport, city and hotels - 20,000 hotel rooms - more information on Dublin can be found at
Visit Dublin.

English is the official language of the WCCE 2022 event.

Currency & Banking
Eurozone since 2002. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at any Bureau de Change points in banks, airports etc. All major credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa & American Express are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

Visa Requirements
No visa requirements for EU passport holders. All non-EU citizens should contact their local embassy for specific requirements.

The Temple Bar district
This has become renowned as a 'Latin Quarter', providing a central focus for the arts. With over 50% of the population under 30 years of age, it is a very young and vibrant city. Dublin is a warm and friendly city, with the tradition of a 'Hundred Thousand Welcomes' for each and every visitor.

Going off the beaten track is a must

Usually when you visit somewhere new you want to see the ‘must-see’ sights, but to really experience the island of Ireland, you’ve just got to get off the beaten track. When you do, you’ll find that getting lost can lead to the best discoveries!

Avoid the clichés and do the things you can ONLY do in Ireland
Did you know we have gorgeous beaches, but you never have to jostle for space. That we love a good party – and the calendar is a year round affair? Or that pubs often multitask – ”We wine you, dine you and bury you,” boasts McCarthy’s pub in Fethard, County Tipperary, as it’s an undertaker, too!

Some things need a little explaining
The English language is spoken on the island of Ireland, but certain phrases may confuse people: “Having the craic” means having fun; and if you’re asked “what’s the story” they just want to know if you have any news. And, of course, everything is said with a smile… so make sure to smile back.

The food is amazing
Speaking of food, Ireland’s food scene has undergone a revolution in recent years. With a new wave of cutting-edge chefs, passionate producers and craft distillers experimenting and pushing boundaries, Ireland is bursting with flavour. Our traditional dishes still have pride of place, but are now delivered with a twist. And you can expect everything you eat to have been locally sourced and prepared with love. So take a seat at the table and sample Ireland’s delicious dishes!

Want to catch some local talent?
Make your way to a gig. Feeling hungry? Indulge in old Dublin favourites at The Woollen Mills. And if you want to slow the pace a little, stroll the city's charming coastal villages like Howth or Dalkey or follow one of the Dublin Discovery Trails to uncover the city's secrets. You see, Dublin is all about the muse behind the music, the craic (fun) of the comedy, the intimate feel of this urban hub. And, of course, the people! Dublin has been named Europe's friendliest city twice by TripAdvisor for good reason. So grab a pint, strike up a conversation, and settle in for the experience of a lifetime.
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The future of credit is today
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